Flourish your Wedding Photography with Student Studio

Indian-Couple-Wedding-Day-Poses-for-Wedding-PortraitWe both truly can’t thank student studio enough for our stunning wedding photos. To us the day itself felt consummate, however, to have those uncommon minutes caught in his lovely photos makes we feel especially special. We realized that finding the correct photographer for our wedding was a standout amongst the most essential choices we would take, so discovering somebody we could trust to catch the day in a style that felt ideal for us was a top need.

Having seen the sites and arrangement of such a variety of different picture takers, photographer in Lucknow work showed up in its very own class and we were in a flash comforted with them laid back approach. It went poorly that you’re entertaining and loose way likewise set the greater part of our visitors quiet and the outcomes are unmistakably clear in your photos. A large number of our visitors would see themselves as camera-bashful however so huge numbers of them have been charmed by the normal looking photographs you have taken of them.

student studioWedding photographer in Lucknow caught significantly more than we could have envisioned conceivable, every one of those bits that we missed on the day however the opportunity to get some answers got concerning at our first look through the shots – it was incredible to remember all the extraordinary minutes that we can now share, keep and fortune. We truly can’t discover the words to offer our gigantic thanks for the stunning occupation student studio done. It takes an amazing eye to catch the greater part of the transient looks and minutes that make up such an enthusiastic day, however, you unmistakably have those aptitudes in plenitude.

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How To Click Perfect Candid Photographs

Embellishing Candid Photographs By Student Studio

Candid-Wedding-Photography- (2)

Photographs are creative experimentation that is carried forward to capture past moments of our life. These moments are best phase of our life which we want to reminisce again and again in future. Photos are most convenient and common medium to capture precious and jovial moments of my life.

Student studio professional photographer makes sure to capture these memories with best efficiency and creativity. Our photography studio pays special attention in maintaining and rendering quality photographs for our clients. As we know that photographs are not only limited to technicality and creativity, quality of photographs also plays its role in giving alluring image. The Student photography studio holds its expertise in candid photography. Candid photographer in Lucknow is not only well aware of the technicalities and tricks to capture phenomenal candid photographs, but also endures special qualities which give incredible photographs which you will not find in any other photography studio such as:

  • Set mode of the camera: In candid photography the whole process is so fast so manual mode doesn’t work as it is slow and photographer will lose the moment. So by setting the camera in aperture or shutter priority mode will definitely give amazing photograph. A photographer must use aperture priority at a low light situation and shutter priority as if he has to capture the fast action photographs such as sports or dancing moves.
  • Select lens efficiently: An efficient lens can change the visibility of the photograph. To capture the quality picture, a photographer changes the lens according to the situation, but since for capturing candid photograph, the cameraman has to capture images speedily, so he has no time to change the lens of the camera. The Photographer must go for zoom lens in spite of prime lens as zoom lens covers the range of photographs.
  • Use ambient light: In the whole photography process, light plays its major role in maintaining the beauty and quality of photograph. According to wedding photographer in Lucknow for clicking the candid photograph coherently a photographer must use ambient light as camera flash will immediately attract the attention of the subject and you will not be able to capture candid photographs further.
  • Capture lots of photographs: A photographer must capture photographs in bulk as it’s not possible to capture the best photo at every click so when photographer clicks maximum photographs the chances of capturing quality photograph increases.
  • Take your shots in burst mode: In this technique, cameraman captures the chain of images by enabling the burst mode. This mode gives a chance to capture the chain of shots by holding on the shutter button. This mode is best for capturing the action shot as under this mode a photographer doesn’t have to worry about perfect timing and you can choose the best shot from the chain of shots.


  • Always look for the moment: As a candid photographer, best wedding photographer in Lucknow never puts its camera down and always look for the perfect moment. By putting the camera down a photo clicker may lose the momentous photograph. So a photographer must always hold its camera and always be in ready mode.
  • Aware of Emending Techniques: As everyone knows that it’s not possible to capture the perfect photograph at every shot so a photographer must be aware of Photoshop as it removes any unwanted spot from the photograph and render quality and alluring photograph.

These techniques and tricks definitely give us eye-catching candid photographs which will be cherished by family members all their life and helps Student Studio to maintain quality of our images which is our main focus and priority.

We are a leader in wireless photography

Wedding photographer in Lucknow

It was a dreary errand for me to choose a picture taker who suits me principal for my wedding which was coming around. For my wedding photography I needed a picture taker who catches in most lucrative and wonderful way. I got some decent audits about Student Studio, for example, they conveyed their work at the time they have settled upon, they generally attempt to give their best work in the concurred spending plan. Later on I saw that those qualities which were brought up by my companion were truly valid.

While being a customer of wedding photographer in Lucknow I was loaded with most extreme fulfillment. They gave me the photos as they guaranteed. Every one of the pictures taken by them was truly adorning and wonderful. They put their earnest attempts in catching delightful photos of us, the couple and of all other relatives of mine. They change all my valuable minutes into celebrating photos. Through their expert direction pictures ended up being so decorated and captivating.

indian wedding

Their direction had given us photos that were straight out of magazines. Polished skill of the best wedding photographer in Lucknow and their appointment towards work had given us marvelous photos. So I can presume that Student Studio is so proficient and committed towards their work that they give no possibility for any grumbling to their client.

Exceptional Presentation Gives Alluring Photographs

Photographer in Lucknow

Memories- we store is always to cherish the coming life. Photographs are the most common medium to revive our best moments. Photographs help us back to recall the happy phase of our life and provide us strength in our worst time. Photographs play such an important role in our lives. Student studio is here for clicking adorable photographs of our clients and capturing their happy moments of life.

Student Studio had spread its feathers in several types of photography and we have won our clients with their professionalism and our skilled photography. Our excellent accumulating capacity gives us alluring photographs. Our years of practice in photography field had made us expert in analyzing a perfect photography location, lighting and composition. A photograph comes out brilliantly if the photographer has good knowledge of these things. Best wedding photographer in Lucknow always gives our clients trendy and quality photographs, capturing their beautiful moments of their life. Wedding photographs clicked by us are not only traditional images but we also render trendy and modern photographs. Pre wedding photographs are in trend nowadays, it gives a special chance for couple to establish synchronization between them and prepare them to face the camera on their wedding day.

Our pre wedding images have special charisma- our out of the box thinking and creativity gives us unique photographs. Images clicked by us are pried by our clients and give us positive feedbacks. Being clicking our clients since years, we had polish ourselves as photographers and thus, we will try to highlight our specialty to customers and why they should select us for capturing their special moments.

  • To give our clients a convenient and easy shoot we formerly research the location of the shoot and analyze the proper light area these things not only simplify the process but also make it less time taking.
  • For getting fabulous couple photographs we direct our customers have coordinated outfits which will give alluring images.
  • We try to give our clients variety of photographs. Candid photographer in Lucknow we direct them to arrange a traditional and modern outfits. These photographs present both traditional and modern layouts.
  • For photography you should not try to experiment with new outfits and carry their looks, as told by our owner, Sumit Bhalla.
  • We arrange special makeup artist for our customers. As we understand that camera is not fond of bare skin. Some makeup gives marvelous photographs.
  • We carry out different and latest themes for clicking pre-wedding shoots and wedding shoots. Our constant thinking and creativity give our customers photography with unique themes.
  • Our photographers are friendly and they try to remove the uneasiness and hesitation with their clients and this give embellishing photographs.
  • To add elements in our photographs, we make use of some props such as sunglasses, stick balloons or the props present around at the location.

These qualities definitely give our clients unique, quality and trendy photographs, which every customer demand. Our utmost aim as a photographer is to render our clients the photographs that satisfy their expectations and give them a memorable experience.

Grab your first moments with the pre-wedding photographer


Pre wedding shoots are new patterns in India, it gives some out of the case photos, as contrast with other customary wedding photos. Pre wedding photographs are clicked in a fun, tranquil and spontaneous condition, so it gives better photos.

Student studio being an expert wedding picture taker for a long time, they know each get-up-and-go about photography. Pre wedding photography new insanity these days is getting to be plainly prominent among ‘youthful couple’ who are going to get hitched. Photographer in Lucknow is giving some intriguing tips for pre-wedding photography which depend on his experience:

       As a photographer you should persuade your customers for early morning shoots, as it will give some shocking photo that even your customers hasn’t envisioned.

       Priorly immediate your customers about their outfits that will suit them best. Teach them to have planning outfits.

       Try to have some enormous and brilliant outlines that are camera well disposed and attempt to stay away from whites.


       According to candid photographer in Lucknow a photographer must be open and discuss well with his customers, ask them what they expect and you can likewise give some expert counsel to them.

       Instruct to-be-ladies to have some cosmetics, as the camera is not amicable to their uncovered skin. Cosmetics convey radical change to their photos.

       To convey a decent variety of your photos, you should utilize props as it gives some uniqueness. A photographer must utilize his innovativeness, he either can bring his own particular propping component or can utilize the articles as prop that are accessible in the area.

These tips will improve pre-wedding shoots and will give some one of a kind photos.

Unforgettable Moments Captured By Student Studio

Wedding photography Weddings are the fabulous events for which person waits all his life and it being an extravagant event in India, it gives obvious reason to click and store those amazing clicks all your life as unforgettable memory.

Student studio being a professional photographer was able to capture amazing photograph which we will cherish all our life. I booked Student studio for my pre wedding shoot they have given us amazing clicks such as:

  • We formerly discussed the theme of the pre wedding shoot with a wedding photographer in Lucknow. For Pre wedding shoot our photographer explained some amazing themes of which we have to choose the theme which was of our liking.
  • We jointly select the venue according to our theme which suits the best and has varied, with beautiful backgrounds.
  • Our photographer instructed us to reach the venue before the sunrise which given us beautiful clicks.
  • Student studio click photographs while using some props such as dupatta, shoes and other props available at the locations etc.
  • Our candid photographer in Lucknow made our task so easy by directing us our outfit colors that while giving us embellishing photo shoot.

Candid Photography

This kind of flawless work and skill definitely given us amazing pre wedding photographs.

Pre Wedding

Why you must choose Student Studio as Wedding Photographer?

Wedding Photo

Practicing photography as their profession, Student Studio holds some unique qualities as a photography professional that stands them out from any other photographer in the city. For finding out what are they, check them below:

Being a professional photographer lots of things are expected from us -to carry out perfect photograph of whatever situation may be like, to hide any flaw that subject is carrying and what not? Student studio tries its level best to meet the demands of our customers as their satisfaction with our work is utmost important.

Providing ‘enchanting photographs’ to our customers is our focus, we perform each activity to get adorable wedding photographs and capture every special moment and rituals that are happening around in the wedding of our client. Being a best wedding photographer in Lucknow we emphasize on clicking best natural photograph and have less dependency on photo-editing.

Student studio have enormous of qualities which you will not find in any other photography studio, which also highlights that ‘why’ you should hire us for capturing your lifetime special moments:

  • The very first reason for which client should hire us is that we are extremely professional. At the wedding event our whole focus will be on how to get good photographs for this we arrive at the wedding venue before the time and we inspect the area on how to get natural light as compared to artificial light. As this is a stated fact that natural light ensures good photography, if it’s not the case and there is a scarcity of natural light we go for artificial light.
  • Our excellent photography skills bound us to give proper direction to our clients for perfect pose and position for adorable photograph. As a photographer in Lucknow we put our forefront efforts to capture unique photographs of our clients by directing them well for the position in accordance with light availability. We put our clients in such position or pose which give their fabulous image.
  • As a professional photographer we want our clients to trust on our creativity, as we turn our minds really hard for thinking of unique pose that captures our client’s personality really well and give them a lifetime memory with a unique pose.
  • We are very well aware of the fact that weddings are emotional events and thus we try to capture the whole emotional story through our photography skills. These emotional photographs don’t limit to couple, but also between their parents, siblings etc.
  • The Student studio doesn’t lack behind if it comes to trendy photography. We capture the photographs which are based on social media trends and traditions. Photographs with special photography booths, quotations give attractive photographs.

All these qualities of us definitely stand out us from any other photography studio in the city. Their dedication towards their work and their constant zeal to improve them as a photographer has put them in such a position where they marked themselves as best photographers in the city.

For More Info: Best Photographer in Lucknow


Wedding Photography With Modern Trends By Student Studio


Dressing up well, clicking photos and sharing it on social networking sites are new enthusiasm among people. Social networking sites had directly and hugely affected the photography. I wouldn’t say it had affected, it badly, but definitely has great emphasis. Social networking sites had not only affected normal images or selfies but it also has a prominent role in wedding photography too.

I am being a crazy person for ‘selfies’, specially requested my photographer to arrange a selfie booth with crazy quotes at my wedding venue. Student studio put some extra efforts and they not only arranged a selfie booth on my wedding ground but candid photographer in lucknow also sets up an adorable and funny photography booth on stage as well. These props had not only given us funny and crazy wedding photographs, but also some unique photographs of bride and groom which you will never find in any other wedding album.


Apart from taking traditional wedding photographs best wedding photographer in Lucknow also clicked these special, mad, jovial images of us and our family, giving wedding photography a new and unique touch.

Of course, being professional photographers for many years, photography skills of them are excellent and up to the mark, which had given us adorable wedding images.

Have Mesmerizing Clicks For Your Event

candid photographer in Lucknow
candid photographer in Lucknow

Capturing the crucial moments for lifetime is what a photographer does. Clicking these photographs is to embrace those memories for rest of the life. In this long lived life there are many jovial and happy moment that every person wants to secure for future generation.

As a candid wedding photographer in Lucknow Student studio had captured enormous of events happened around. Event photography depends on the different kinds of events.  Weddings are also kind of events but here we will focus on other types of events such as corporate events, family events, trade conferences or office party events.

Student Studio also holds its capability for event photography. Event photography in one event is different from photography in another event. Corporate event photography is different from family event photography.

As a photographer one must take care of following things while clicking photographs for events:

  • To be a flawless event photographer we practiced it a lot just by clicking photographs of event happening around, this kind of practice definitely improves quality of images.
  • We are well aware of the fact that in photographing communication is the key, as a photographer we always clear it with our client what kind event is going to be happened and you can be prepared for that. While capturing photograph our communication is pleasing, and subject wouldn’t get irritated while clicking, said by wedding photographer in Lucknow.
  • As a photographer we always upgrade your awareness about who who are VVIPs of that event and capture them. Event photographer must always be aware of the important people of that event and must capture them.
  • We capture engaging photographs of guests around, click the photographs that shows that guests present at the event are enjoying the event, you can capture images like people talking and laughing around or people participating in events happening.
  • Best photographer in Lucknow clicks the special photograph which shows the interest of crowd, which was ‘theme’ of the event. This will definitely give the catchy moment of the event.
  • Same as important people, we are aware of the events which are to be captured we priorly clear it with our client which kind of photograph does he want and are always clear with when is event gonna start, you can feel the event venue priory reaching at the venue. As this will deliver you a better photograph.
  • As event photographer, we go for every detail such as catering services provided by them, sitting arrangement or venue decoration every detail of that event should be captured by you.
  • We try to visualize the crowd present at the venue through our snapshot. An event photographer must always capture the crowd and show with your photography that event was a successful event.
wedding photographer in Lucknow
wedding photographer in Lucknow

These are some of the main and important reasons why you should hire Student studio for your upcoming precious event.

Best wedding photographer in Lucknow has earned enormous reputation in photography business, due to their high quality work which we are able to render due to our immense passion towards our work. The extent of our passion is such that we try to have best and beautiful photograph at every click.

Tips For Quality Videography By Student Studio


Photography at weddings is all about storing the precious and memorable memories. Videography is a better and detailed medium of storing the memories. If you want to capture your wedding event moment by moment, then videos are better options.

Student studio holds its perfection in not only photography, but also in videos. Being an experienced photographer owner of Student studio is specifying some tips for Videography for new aspirants in the photography field:Best Photography Tips

  • Use Zoom carefully: Pursuant to wedding photography in Lucknow, while recording video photographer should always be careful while using zoom, as using zoom in every scenario is not good. One should use zoom while showing closer look of something and that too really slow and steady.Wedding-The-Ceremony
  • Frame your videos carefully: As a photographer you should firstly capture wide shots only for giving the background of environment and then should focus on your subject for better videos.shutterstock
  • Shoot from different points: Capturing video from same point gives boring videos so you must try to capture videos from different points and angle to bring more liveliness in it.Videography_dance
  • Capture only important moments: As a videographer, you must only capture some important events only as first recording non-useful stuff and then editing it is clearly a time waste, said by candid photographer in Lucknow.benro-video-hi-
  • Use tripod: Videos are not of optimum quality if video is trembling, so as a videographer, you must use a tripod to avoid bad videos.

These tips will definitely help any new videographer. As a naive videographers one must try to adapt these tips for improve their Videography and photography skills.

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