Flourish your Wedding Photography with Student Studio

Indian-Couple-Wedding-Day-Poses-for-Wedding-PortraitWe both truly can’t thank student studio enough for our stunning wedding photos. To us the day itself felt consummate, however, to have those uncommon minutes caught in his lovely photos makes we feel especially special. We realized that finding the correct photographer for our wedding was a standout amongst the most essential choices we would take, so discovering somebody we could trust to catch the day in a style that felt ideal for us was a top need.

Having seen the sites and arrangement of such a variety of different picture takers, photographer in Lucknow work showed up in its very own class and we were in a flash comforted with them laid back approach. It went poorly that you’re entertaining and loose way likewise set the greater part of our visitors quiet and the outcomes are unmistakably clear in your photos. A large number of our visitors would see themselves as camera-bashful however so huge numbers of them have been charmed by the normal looking photographs you have taken of them.

student studioWedding photographer in Lucknow caught significantly more than we could have envisioned conceivable, every one of those bits that we missed on the day however the opportunity to get some answers got concerning at our first look through the shots – it was incredible to remember all the extraordinary minutes that we can now share, keep and fortune. We truly can’t discover the words to offer our gigantic thanks for the stunning occupation student studio done. It takes an amazing eye to catch the greater part of the transient looks and minutes that make up such an enthusiastic day, however, you unmistakably have those aptitudes in plenitude.

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Tips To Capture Detailed Wedding Photography By Professional Photographer


Weddings being the grand affair require lots of efforts and arrangements behind it, so becomes really obligatory to capture them in a pleasing way. Detailed photography of wedding is really significant and have a drastic and efficient impact on the wedding album as they beautifully capture the wedding environment and gestures. Wedding detail photography captures the wedding memories in remarkable ways. Best photographer in Lucknow having years of experience in photography is here specifying the tricks for capturing the detailed photography of Indian wedding:

Understand The Wedding Rituals:

Indian weddings are the bevy of rituals, so when we talk about wedding details, shots of those rituals are the must. So as a photographer you must at least have a brief understanding of those rituals and must not miss any important moment. In weddings rituals like garlands exchange is a momentous event and must be captured in a beautiful way, there are numerous other rituals in wedding which require alluring capture.

Capture Wedding Décor:

Lots of efforts are put by wedding planner in order to plan and organize the extraordinary theme and arrangements of the wedding. So as a photographer it’s your obligation to capture the every detail of the decor. These photographs not only capture the memories of the wedding, but also are much more efficient in narrating the wedding environment.

Take The Shots Of Whole Day Event:

The whole wedding day is very busy and momentous, also holds numerous of wedding memories, so you must not forget to capture the shots of pre-wedding events, candid shots of people, bride and groom, bride or groom being jazzing up for their big day, before the actual wedding event.

Try To Capture The More Personalized Details Of The Couple:

Photographs along with more personalized details establish the more connect among the couple and other people, making wedding photographs more catchy and indelible.

These wedding photography tips will help you establish the more connect among people and beautifully captures the remarkable memories of the event.

TIPS To Capture Gorgeous Candid Wedding Pictures


Candid Photographs are the latest vogue when it comes to wedding photography. These naturally shots, photographs come out beautifully and lay down the greatest impact on the viewers’ eyes. But candid photographs are tricky and not everyone could capture it. Only a well trained and well practiced photographer could capture these candid photographs.

Student studio being blessed with such photographers has a record by clicking down numerous of alluring candid photographs. Best photographer in Lucknow has the record satisfying their clients with their every click. As professionals they follow certain tricks to click down amazing shots of their clients, let’s have a check:

Keep Your Camera On Ready Mode Always:

Candid photographs are momentous shots, so you must be always ready to capture such shots. Your camera’s settings should always be geared up so that you may not struggle with your camera setting at the time of the shot.

Adapt Your Camera’s Functionality, Well:

The next tip which will definitely help you in capturing candid photographs, as many cameras nowadays are blessed with advanced features of capturing candid photographs. These features will definitely boost your skills and help you in capturing such photographs.

Let Zoom Technique Your Friend:

The zoom technique is very much efficient when it comes to candid photography, as these shots are stolen shots, and your subject must not be aware of he/she being clicked as this will spoil your shot, so you must use zoom camera so that your client may not be aware of being clicked.

 Disable Flash Feature Of Your Camera:

Flash can instantly grab the attention of your client, so you must disable this feature in order to capture the beautiful candid shot. Instead of using flash you may stick to opening up the aperture, enhancing the ISO of the camera in order to capture the best quality photograph.

Enhance Your Analysis Power:

Apart from all these techniques you must develop your analytical power, so as to analyze and capture the right moment at the right time. When we talk about the wedding, it’s a very momentous event so you must be able to analyze the right one in order to capture a beautiful shot.

Top 5 Photography Mistakes Must Be Avoided By Bride And Groom


When we talk about wedding couples, no matter which religion they belong, all  they all wish for everything proper and perfect for their wedding, whether its wedding arrangements, wedding dress, makeup or photography. Photography being the new craze among young generation is bound to have a great impression on their clients and fill their wedding album with cinematic, candid and traditional wedding photographs.

According to the owner and photographer of Student Studio, wedding photography, is the most ignored part in all wedding arrangements as people think that all things are depending on the photographer and his/her technique which is true to some extent but there are some major mistake which is done by clients which definitely spoils the photography. Being experienced one, best photographer in Lucknow is here notifying us about those mistakes, so as to avoid them when the moment comes.

  • The very first mistake which most of the brides and grooms does is just that not allocating the separate time for couple and family photographs. When we talk about Hindu wedding, the procedure is really vast and busy, so one much arrange for separate time for wedding photography.
  • The next mistake which is often done by the bride is not having the bridal makeup through efficient makeup artist, a makeup should be put on in a right way in order to enhance the natural beauty, which comes out beautifully in wedding photography.
  • The wrong lighting arrangements – this is the most common mistakes done by people in order to enhance the décor of the venue. But all this venue décor, would waste if they aren’t captured efficiently in your wedding photographs. So you must arrange your venue lighting, keeping in mind the wedding photography.
  • The next common mistake done by people is hiring two different photography teams at your wedding, two different teams lack coordination and that’s why they this factor could definitely spoil your wedding photography.
  • Not informing your desired wedding photographs to your photographer, this process is very essential when it comes to wedding photography.

All these mistakes must be avoided by the bride or groom in order to have the best photography.

How To Make Wedding Album More Happening And Amiable?

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Weddings being the new beginning of the person’s life, is not only  special, but also is the most hectic event of the couple and their family member’s life. Lots of planning and efforts are put by the family members in order to turn their planning and dreams into reality. A wedding photographer does an amazing role of capturing that hard-earned lavish décor and arrangements into his camera, along with wedding rituals, traditions, family and friends.

Professional wedding photographers being experienced with numerous of wedding photography, undoubtedly are enlightened with the art and techniques of photography. Professional photographers of Student Studio are no different, having years of experience in this field of photography, they know what to click and when to click. Best wedding photographer in Lucknow, is not only well aware of photography techniques and tricks but also are well updated with current photography trends and traditions. Here, he is jotting down some trendy wedding photographs, which you must try:

Pre-Wedding Photography With Smoke Bombs & Holi Colors:

Pre wedding photography is the new vogue and popular photography among youngsters. This Photography comes out beautifully when shots for this photography are clicked creative forms. As photographer you can make some creative use of smoke bombs or Holi colors, use of these instruments is in too much trend nowadays.

Performance Reels For Your Sangeet Photography:

So you and your cousins, friends, even your relatives would be working really hard for making your Sangeet night memorable with their performances. Don’t you think, clicking only pictures of such performances will spoil its craze. So you must instruct your photographer to prepare separate reel for each performance, to make it more special.

1 (2)

Black And White Shots:

Black and White Photography, never fails to amaze us with its beauty. Black and white photography is best to capture the emotions, so as a photographer you can use this technique for capturing the photograph full of emotions.

Bokeh Photography For Creative Photographs:

As a photographer you will always be expected to render something out of the box and astonishing. Getting familiar with new photographic techniques you could render what is desired from you and amaze them. Bokeh photography is a new technique, with this you can bring the focus of the viewer on what you want.

Trendy Social Media Shots:

Social media is something from which people have no escape. Photographs with trendy social media shots can make the wedding album of your client more impressive and unique.

Tips And Tricks For Capturing Stunning Wedding Photographs By A Photography Expert


As a wedding photographer, any photographer is bound with the huge responsibility of capturing the most joyful and memorable moments of their client’s life. Wedding photography is a critical process, as it’s a one-time-event so there is really little room for any kind of error and perfection is required at every shot.

Student Studio being blessed well trained, efficient and experienced photographers who are very much aware of wedding photography, its tricks and tactics has rendered unforgettable and marvelous photographs to their clients. Best photographer in Lucknow, being concerned about new upcoming photographers, who isn’t much aware of photography techniques, is here pointing some amazing tips for wedding photography through which they could polish their wedding photography skills:

Assist Expert:

As I said before, wedding photography is the critical and tricky process and only a well trained and expert photographer could catch the photographs flawlessly, so if you are a novice in the field of photography you should assist any expert first and know about every subtlety of wedding photography as this will improve your photographic technique and skill.


Know All About Your Camera:

So if you are going to photograph at such a significant event, where no error is allowed, so you must be fully trained with your photography camera even your hands should be fully set with your camera  as there is no chance for any mistake.

Pre plan your photography:

As you are new to wedding photography, you should get detail of every wedding ritual and event and must plan your photography, so that you may not miss any important shot and click down all. Also, you should be well prepared with your photographic accessories and be ready with them at the moment you need them.

Capture Firsts:

First steps at the wedding are important, so you must capture the ‘firsts’ of every event, capture the lavish entrance of the groom in the wedding venue, then wedding hall. Then beautifully capture the entry of the bride in the wedding hall. There are numerous of such event and you must not miss them out and capture them all.

Shoot The Reactions:

Wedding being full of every joyful and emotional moments and as a photographer you shouldn’t miss any such moments or reactions to make your photography impactful and memorable for your clients.

Take Shots Family, Relatives And Friends:

So you shouldn’t miss out any important ones, and take shots of family members, relatives and friends with the couple, along with couple photography, as they are there for making such an important event of a couple more special, so don’t miss them out, and capture them all.

All these tricks will surely help you out and in capturing wedding shots flawlessly and make your clients wedding album a store of their prestigious memories.

Professional Skills Of Photographers Bound Them To Capture Some Stunning Wedding Photographs


KDA_1517Photographs are one of the ways of expression and reminiscing us our past, special and one-time moments of our life. As a bride, I want my wedding photographs to be turned out enchanting and beautiful, and each and every special moment of such a huge event to be captured. In India, generally photographers are stuck to posed photographs which aren’t natural photographs, but I wanted some of the photographs which were totally natural, grasping the story behind the photograph.

While discussing my desires with one of my friends, she suggests me Student studio photography, as according to her, she had photography experience with them in her brother’s wedding. I meet with professional photographers of this studio, and told them about my photography desires and expectation – as photographers they assured me that they had clicked such photographs and they wouldn’t disappoint me. Best wedding photographer in Lucknow  performed their job as they promised at my wedding event. Being professional photographers they fulfill their promise and blessed me with such photographs.

Numerous of my wedding photographs were natural and they clicked down the photographs which were natural and candid, these photographs were clicked when we don’t even realized that we were being clicked. These momentous photographs clearly depicted the emotions and story behind the photographs. Along with these beautiful Candids they also captured some posed photographs with my family, friends and relatives, making my wedding album more alluring and blissful.

Apart from candid photography art, they are also blessed with creativity and innovativeness through which they click down some remarkable photographs of couple photography by superbly guiding us for unique poses along with candid photographs which turned out to be immensely gorgeous and stunning one.

If you want to have such photographs, book Student studio Immediately.

Photograph Your Lovely Moments With Best Photographer


Photos clicking are a custom these days at each little or enormous happenings of our life. Cell phones with quality catching force has assumed significant part in these, yet when we discuss proficient photography, these versatile photography, needs behind. Student Studio with its expert photographer have affirmed themselves as driving photographer of the nation with their radiant photography aptitudes. With their each work they set down impact on their customers and this affected me to book them as an expert photographer for my sister’s wedding.

This differentiated photography studio, photographer is overflowing with involvement, information and abilities. Through their expertise and experience they extremely surely understand about every one of the strategies of catching the photos of non-repeating snapshots of their customers. With their innovativeness, they render something extremely unique and heavenly. Their energy towards their calling and claim enthusiasm to render a remarkable photo at each snap, push them to perform better and serve the clients with the best. Best photographer in Lucknow keeps themselves refreshed with current photographic innovation and strategies, as well as with the current photography pattern and convention.

Candid-Wedding-Photography- (2)

As expert photographer Student Studio utilized automaton photography method for catching dazzling photos at my sister’s wedding. With this sublime method, proficient picture takers of this studio rendered something remarkable photos which were out of our creative energy. Furthermore, best of all, every one of these photos were caught by them, even without aggravating the visitors. Automaton photography has likewise been effective in rendering the realistic photos which were straight out of magazines.

Subsequent to having such an exceptional photography encounter, I would exhort all of you that if additionally need to have such sort of photographic experience, you should straight away book Student Studio for weddings or some other festival of your adoration ones.

Photograph Which Standout Your Moments


The energy of expert Photographers of Student Studio to render their clients with one of a kind, in fact propelled, better quality Photographs have institutionalized them as driving Photographers in this city. Through their aptitude and ability, proficient Photographers of this studio give the ideal amalgamation of popular and in addition conventional photos. The adage of extraordinary endeavors and diligent work of these Photographers is to fulfill their clients by giving them best. That is the reason they put their endeavors towards improvement of their aptitudes and astound their customers with their abilities. With their impeccable photographic work they can grab their clients for ages, at any rate rehashed offers demonstrates the same. Photographer In Lucknow enables on clicking down common and unframed Photographs of their customers as these photos are ending up being most appealing ones.


For catching Candid Photographs, rambles are assuming huge part in wedding occasions these days. As through automaton cameras individuals didn’t understand that they are being clicked, and they don’t get cognizant and as Photographers we get some common, catching minutes. According to their record, they are extremely fruitful in conveying some exceptional, enthralling and eye getting Photographs to their customers. Automaton Photography which is enormously in incline these days has different recipient factors with it and thrive the customer’s wedding recollections in probably the most stunning and true to life ways. For their customers, proficient Photographers of this studio are telling every one of us, the advantages of automaton Photography.

Guarantees No Distraction In Wedding Rituals: So, should clearly have an ordeal where wedding pictures are clicked by Photographers concealing the couple to such an extent that for having sight of them, we needed to endeavor a few endeavors, in such situation ramble photography give us help and play out his activity of catching pictures calmly, without aggravating others.

Better And New Way Of Wedding Photography: Traditional Photography, didn’t give us a possibility for some analyses and advancements, yet ramble Photography is extremely effective in giving another measurement to wedding photos, as through automaton Photography, Photographer could catch photos in more extended setting.

Outstanding Tips And Tactics For Capturing A Stunning Photograph Every-time.


Photography being an art, not only requires creativity, but also requires technique and skills. Every photography requires different technique and tactics so as to turn out beautifully so a photographer must be aware of capturing the photograph in the most proficient way. Understanding all these technicalities of the professional photography, owner of Student Studio is here notifying us all about the skills and technicalities which a novice photographer must be kept in mind while capturing wedding photographs:

The tips given by best wedding photographer in Lucknow are:

Have List Of Your Shots:

As a novice, you must be well prepared to handle the wedding-capturing procedure and not to miss out any important wedding event. So making the list will help you and you will be ready for capturing the right shot at the right moment.

Coordinate With A Family Member Of Both Sides:

Now, apart from the wedding couple, it’s also important to capture pictures of important family members and not to miss out anyone, so as a photographer you should coordinate with a significant member of both sides, so that he may inform you about closest family members of the couple and you may not miss them out.

Search Out Best Photography Spot At The Venue:

Although nowadays, separate photography booths are set up by the event organizers, but in case, if there is not such spots are organized at the venue then you must scout out the best couple photography spots.

Be Well Prepared With The Cameras:

Wedding photography, is a photography of moments, so for capturing the important moments you must always be ready with your camera so as to not miss out any significant moment of the wedding.

Know About Couple’s Expectation:

As a photographer, the couple expects you a lot from you, so you must have a prior discussion with your clients about their expectation so that you may fulfill their expectations.

All these photography tips will definitely help you polish your photography skills.

Make Your Memories More Awaited With Best Wedding Photographer


The rundown of things “to-do” while sorting out a wedding appears to increment incrementally. Which at first can be very overwhelming? My life partner and I had a specific style that we had at the top of the priority list for our photographs, something exquisite, fun and somewhat eccentric. As we filtered through the numerous choices for picture takers, we went over the Student studio site. We were immediately sold on his eye for detail and the nature of his shots.

From our initial meeting, wedding photographer in Lucknow influenced us to feel casual and agreeable. From conversing with us, he could get a thought of the style of photographs we needed, and concocted some incredible proposals for photograph areas near where our function and gathering were held, which implied we didn’t need to dawdle heading out keeping in mind the end goal to get some awesome shots – however on the other hand, I don’t figure it would matter where the photographs were taken, picture taker figure out how to influence them to look astounding.

On the day, the same number of ladies and grooms know the day is a buzz of chuckling, nerves and champagne. Wedding picture taker was sorted out on the day, which enabled us to breath, grin and simply appreciate the day, his diversion made it simple to unwind amid the entire procedure. They made us quite a lot more agreeable before the camera, that we were making the most of our day minus all potential limitations with no dithering.

Another extra was the manner by which rapidly he could furnish us with the shots of our day, and thus, we were exceptionally satisfied with the collection, a lovely approach to recollect our “supernatural day”. Understudy Studio simply filled our heart with joy, faultless with their innovativeness in gaining our experiences a lifetime deed.

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